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"From this day forward I don't "settle" for anything less then perfection and what I deserve. No more second best...ONLY the best! I will be better in every aspect from my career to my relationships..."
- Brent Allen

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I generally do not recommend using fat burners to those looking for fat loss. That said, when one is ALREADY lean (females <12-15% bodyfat, males <8-10% bodyfat) and wants to get that little bit leaner, then SUPPLEMENTING their nutrtion and training (the MOST IMPORTANT factors!) with a fat burner can help shred the last of the fat. Although there are many "fat burners" available, the most complete fat burner, IMO is Shred Matrix. Shred Matrix is MORE than just a "fat burner" and has a multitude of benefits. For more information on Shred Matrix, check out the product write-up.

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Welcome to the fifth edition of the RCS Newsletter and the first of the New Year! 2011 is now in the past, 2012 before us, waiting for us to travel the path to Greatness!

It's summer in New Zealand (how I miss it), the time of barbeques, the aroma of the tropics, playing in the sun, sand and surf and swimsuits. Males want the washboard 6-pack abs to show off, females the flat and lean midsection of a fitness cover model.

This month in the 'Training' section, I have explained a couple of key factors in leaning out and building your midsection, so that when you ARE lean, you have the abs perfect for showcasing in your swimsuit.

In this month's 'Nutrition' section, I have outlined three simple but important tips that will help you transform your stomach from average into something that you can be proud to show off at the beach.

If there is something that you would like to see in this newsletter, please feel free to contact me to share your thoughts and ideas, and I will be happy to include them in future editions.

God has Great things planned for 2012 and I am Excited! Are YOU Excited?



Revealing Your Abs

To see your abs, you first need to get leaner. You can decrease your bodyfat through training by performing the most effective training exercises for it. Resistance training or weight bearing exercise is more important and far superior than cardio for fat loss, and should be an essential part of your training program. Exercises that are best utilized for fat loss are the core, compound, multijoint exercises: Squat, deadlift, power clean, bench press, reverse bent over row, pull-ups, military press, and dips. By activating more motor units and muscle fibres (i.e. more muscle mass), and recruiting more of your body to perform the exercise, these exercises work more than one body-part simultaneously for more effective and efficient training.

If you are going to do cardio, consider doing high intensity cardio instead of long, steady-state, low intensity cardio, as substantially more fat is oxidized at higher exercise intensities, revving up your metabolism and making fat burning a lot more efficient and fun.

You also need to make sure that you build up the muscle in your midsection. There is no point being lean as lean if you have not developed the muscles in your midsection. Men like to see bricks; women tend to prefer the more sleek and streamlined look. Both looks require muscular definition to a different degree. For definition to occur, the muscles of the core must be built up enough so that there is something to see.

Building up your core does not mean doing excessive crunches or performing endless ab exercises; your abdominals are like any other body-part and therefore should be trained like any other body-part for muscle accretion (please note that nutrition plays an important role in gaining muscle mass, so adjusting your diet for this will yield better results if more muscle is desired). For those that want deep grooves in their abs, weighted exercises - such as weighted crunches (using either dumbbells or a rope and cable), weighted side bends, etc. - will help achieve this. For those that want a sleeker midsection, avoid doing a lot of oblique work, so that you do not build a thick waist, concentrating instead on exercises such as hanging leg raises, etc. Regardless of how you wish your abs to look, you should not neglect exercises for the transverse abdominus - the stronger this is, the more you will be able to 'pull your tummy in for that flat and tight look.


Tips for a Flat Midsection

For most individuals to see the abdominal definition that they desire, they need to lower their body composition by decreasing their body fat levels - for men, this can be anywhere from 8-10% body fat or lower; for women, definition can start appearing anywhere from 12-15% body fat.

  1. Decrease Your Bodyfat Levels Using Optimal Nutritional Practices:
    Nutrition is the most important component of fat loss. Many people get too caught up in counting calories or trying for specific macronutrient ratios, when essentially, for fat loss to occur, the only thing that really matters is that overall daily caloric intake should average out at less than Maintenance over the weekly period. Since everyone responds differently to different nutritional practices, each individual needs to find their own 'sweet spot' as far as macronutrients are concerned, making sure that they get in enough protein to maintain their current muscle mass (at least 1.2g per kilogram of body mass), with excessively lowering or eliminating carbohydrates not required for successful fat loss (at least 50-100g daily is required for the body to effectively burn fat).

  2. Ensure That You Are Properly Hydrated:
    Proper hydration to prevent water retention is important. It is a common misconception that drinking less will make the body dispel more water and give a harder, d rier appearance. When you do not drink enough, the body releases antidiuretic hormone, which causes the kidneys to hold onto water. Water retention, especially inside the body tissues (i.e. subcutaneous) and cells can cause puffiness of the skin and bloating, giving you the appearance of being soft and smooth, fatter than you actually are. To avoid high antidiuretic hormone levels in the body, ensure that you drink enough water, allowing for a higher volume of body fluids, and therefore causing the water to just pass through your system instead of being stored. You should not be thirsty before you drink - if you are thirsty, it means that your body is already dehydrated - and keeping a large water bottle with you at all times to sip from throughout the day can help you consume an adequate water intake.

  3. Avoid Your Problem Foods:
    Regardless of the calorie content of food, even if you are following a diet, if you are sensitive or have allergies to certain foods, then eating them can cause food reactions, including but not limited to fluid retention and storage, cellular and tissue swelling and bloating, and gas production - all of which can give you a bloated appearance and the illusion of being a lot bigger than you actually are. Food reactions can also cause metabolic disorders and food cravings, which can lead to a vicious cycle that will keep your abs hidden and your midsection continually looking soft and puffy. The most common foods that people have sensitivities or allergies to are: Wheat, sugar, soy, peanuts, milk, eggs, and corn. Food reactions occur when the body's immune system interprets the incoming food as allergens and launches an inflammatory immune response to them, or the body reacts to chemicals in the food. Therefore, it is a good idea to know what foods you are sensitive or have allergies to and avoid eating too much - if any - of them.

You can find more information on how to lose fat to reveal your abs and have a flat midsection here.

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