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Motivation & Inspiration

"...life is a CONSTANT journey...to be ENJOYED...in which we are always GROWING...to be SHARED...that MAKES us who we are...into the person we SHOULD be..."
- Rosie Chee

For your daily dose of motivation, check out my "Motivation" column: Rosie's MuscleRevolution | Notes.

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Vitamin C is something that rarely leaves my personal supplement regime. Although a basic supplement it has many useful properties, including but not limited to having antioxidant effects, aiding in immune health, and managing cortisol. Cheap and effective, Vitamin C can be purchased almost anywhere from specialist health stores to the supermarket. Recommended usage per day ranges from 500 milligrams to several grams, and what dosage is used will depend on a variety of individual factors.

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Welcome to the thirteenth edition of my Newsletter! It's been a year since I published the first edition of my online monthly newsletter and it has been a journey for sure. As my life has changed, growing with and through each experience, I have evolved my newsletter, earlier editions concentrating on specific fitness/body goals, the last half-year targeted at the general population and topics that I feel more people relate to.

This month in the 'Training' section, I have given a "Workout Of The Year" from one of the many I have done over the past year.

In this month's 'Nutrition' section, I have listed some of the health benefits of having "An Apple A Day".

If there is something that you would like to see in this newsletter, please feel free to contact me to share your thoughts and ideas, and I will be happy to include them in future editions.

In New Zealand September heralds the beginning of spring, a time of new life and opportunity - from this moment on, give yourself a clean slate and start afresh, embracing life and the opportunities that it offers you, accepting its challenges, and allow yourself to evolve with it, becoming BETTER than ever!


Workout Of The Year

It's hard to pick a SINGLE session, especially since there are so many factors involved in each one, affected by different things on any given day, the circumstances each is done under and the goals at that period of time varying. However, I chose this "type" of session (as opposed to a Full-Body annihilation session), because by the end of the week I have done each body-part worked here THREE times already, making it challenging, especially if my shoulders and biceps' tendons and wrists are in a lot of pain. Only a 45-minute weights' session, with 300 skipping revolutions as a "warm-up" just prior and 20 minutes of post-weights cardio immediately afterwards, this was the FIRST training session I did on May 19, 2012.

Shoulders/Arms/Abs (30 sec recovery between quadsets):
QuadSet A -
1. Behind-the-neck BB Military Press 3 x 8
2. BB Military Press 3 x 8
3. Single-Arm DB Lateral Raises 3 x 10 per side
4. Skip 3 x 100 revolutions
QuadSet B -
5. EZ-Bar Bicep Curls 3 x 21s
6. Dips 3 x 8
7. Alternate DB Hammer Bicep Curls 3 x 10 per side
8. Skip 3 x 100 revolutions
QuadSet C -
9. Hanging Straight-Leg Raises (feet to touch bar) 3 x 10
10. Reverse Curls (on floor) 3 x 10
11. Pikes (on floor) 3 x 20
12. Skip 3 x 100 revolutions


An Apple A Day

Apples have a wide variety of properties that are excellent for your health and can help prevent and decrease your risk for many [lifestyle] diseases. In no particular order and by no means limited to these, here is a brief list of the myriad health benefits of having "an apple a day":

  • Apples contain high amounts of antioxidants like Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene, and help boost your immune system.
  • Apples contain phytochemicals and polyphenols that can help reduce asthma, improve breathing, and overall lung function.
  • Apples have the potential to help protect the body against cancer, especially given the dietary fibre found in apple peels.
  • Apples contain Quercertin, a flavonoid that can help protect brain cells from oxidation damage, and can help prevent against getting both Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease.
  • Apples have anti-cholesterol properties, which can help improve heart health and prevent against heart and artery disease.
  • Apples can help stablilize blood sugar and therefore aid in preventing diabetes.
  • Apples are high in soluble fibre, having many effects inclusive of anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Apples can aid in weight loss, since the energy required to break down the fibre in apples is provided by the apples, which are low in calories.
  • Apples contain pectin, a fibre that can cause a feeling of satiation, amongst other things.
  • Apples can aid in digestion, the fibre in them helping prevent digestive issues such as bloating and constipation, etc.

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