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Welcome to the fifteenth edition of my Newsletter! I see many people busting it in the gym day in and out, but then they suddenly come to a standstill, wondering why they are no longer seeing results like they were at the start, unsure of what to do, since what they have been doing WAS working. Plateaus are normal in [life and] training, but you do NOT have to allow them to last. If you know what to do, you can make them shorter, pushing on to achieve your goals.

In this month's 'Training' section, I have made a few notes on how to change it up to kickstart your progress again.

In this month's 'Nutrition' section, I have given a few tips on how you can manipulate your diet for continued results.

If there is something that you would like to see in this newsletter, please feel free to contact me to share your thoughts and ideas, and I will be happy to include them in future editions.

Here's to a brand new month to take your [fitness] goals to the NEXT level!


Change It Up

Even something as simple as mixing up a few exercises, or adding in something new from what you have been doing, can make a drastic difference in your progress and be enough to ensure that you CONTINUE getting the results you seek. Here are a few notes on different variables that you can change in your training:

  • Change your SPLIT - If you have been doing Full-Body, consider doing push/pull, upper body/lower body, separate body-parts, etc. splits.

  • Change how many DAYS you are doing resistance training - Add in another day if you have only been lifting weights 2-3 times a week, or cut back a day if you have been doing 5-6 days a week.

  • Change a SINGLE aspect in your weight routine - Order of exercises, sets done, reps done, recovery time used, etc.

  • Change up your CARDIO - If you are not doing cardio, add it in; if you already incorporate it into your training, vary what you have been doing re intensity and duration, like mixing up low intensity with high intensity, or add in some post-weights cardio (if your goal is fat loss) or interval training (if your goal is gaining muscle and you do not want to neglect the cardiovascular aspect of your fitness), etc.


Manipulate Your Diet

When you reach a plateau the FIRST factor you should reevaluate is your NUTRITION. Here are a few tips on what to manipulate to guarantee your fitness goal/s success:

  • Calorie Intake - If you have been on a constant caloric intake for a long period of time, your Maintenance will have changed as you have changed, so you need to CONFUSE your body to get it back on track. This is especially important if your goal is fat loss and you have been having low calories or under Maintenance for a while; adding in higher calorie days will actually HELP your progress, not just by enhancing recovery, but aiding in maintaining your lean/muscle mass. If your goal was muscle gain and you find your progress slowing down, eat MORE.

  • Meal Timing - Sometimes your metabolism can change and your body begins to respond to dietary factors differently, so ensuring that your meal timing is at the most OPTIMAL times for your body is important. For example, you may have gone from evening training to training fasted first thing in the morning, but are still continuing to eat the way you did when training at night - your POST-training meal is the most IMPORTANT meal of the day, so having this in the morning after training with your new routine is essential for recovery and results.

  • Meal Make-Up - Changing the composition of your meals, or only a few of them, can make a difference. For example, having snacks with more good fats in, like nuts and seeds, can help re fat loss. Having more carbohydrates in your post-training meal can aid in the pursuit of any goal.

  • Supplementation - There comes the time when even the little adjustments in nutrition (and training) are not enough (more for the very experienced trainees) and an "additional" something has its place. This is the time to look at APPROPRIATE supplements to add to your fitness regime. Remember though, that whatever you consider or do use should have a PURPOSE.

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