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In today's society very few people get all the vitamins and minerals that their body requires from their nutrition and therefore should be supplementing with a multivitamin. There are many multivitamins on the market, from the most basic and generic (such as Centrum - targeted at the average person) to full-spectrum and goal-specific (like MHP's Activite Sport - targeted more at athletes and/or the very active individual). When selecting a multivitamin, select the one that is BEST going to suit YOU re goals, needs, AND price.

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Welcome to the sixteenth edition of my Newsletter! Too many people get caught up in the "hype" or the next "best thing", spending their time and money focusing on everything BUT the PRIMARY factors that should be the FOUNDATION of their fitness regime re training and nutrition. There IS a reason why the BASICS work, why certain things ARE recommended, and why through time, no matter what else evolves or comes out, they are turned to time and again, included in WITH the "latest and greatest".

In this month's 'Training' section, I have made a few notes on getting back to BASICS re exercises that should form the core of your training programme and from which everything else can be created around.

In this month's 'Nutrition' section, I have given a few tips on how to set up a nutrition plan without having to get all complicated about it.

If there is something that you would like to see in this newsletter, please feel free to contact me to share your thoughts and ideas, and I will be happy to include them in future editions.

One more month left in 2012 - let's make it the most AMAZING one YET!


Back to Basics

There is a reason why some exercises are always used, variations of them incorporated into training programmes of athletes and the general population alike, why trainers often revert back to the "tried and true". The basics WORK. Sure, we should always be experimenting with the new to see what works best for us in particular (based on our goals and needs), but never think that just because something is "old" or "dated" that it is not as effective as the "glitz and glamour" we are constantly bombarded with.

Just because it is SIMPLE does not mean that it cannot achieve results. Taking EVERY individual into account, one's training programme should be SPECIFIC TO THEM and sometimes not everything recommended would be used. That said, the following exercises (or variations of them) can fit into ANY training programme:

  • Squat - the "biggest" exercise, it works almost every muscle in the body and is great for functional movement.

  • Bench - hitting all major anterior upper body muscles, you can change the plane of movement, or vary grips re distance and hand positions, to more specifically target different muscles.

  • Row - excellent for strengthening the back, especially the rhomboids, it helps with creating correct posture.

  • Crunch - the most basic "ab" exercise of all, you can create myriad variations based on what your ultimate goal is, add weight or not, adjust difficulty or stability, etc.


Setting Up Your Nutrition Plan

Creating a nutrition plan does not have to be complicated. You do not have to be absolutely "perfect" with everything. Your macros do not have to be a specific ratio. You have to set your nutrition plan up so that it works for YOU. It might take experimenting over time and week-by-week to get all components just right for you, but the "baseline" diet that you set up is simple.

  • Calculate your MAINTENANCE caloric intake. Then, based on your goals, adjust it up or down by 300-500 calories (down re fat loss and up re gaining muscle). This is going to be your PRIMARY caloric intake (I say "primary" because ideally you should CYCLE your calories, to ensure constant progress).

  • Set up your eating times. Stay as close to your normal schedule as possible - you do not want to have to give a complete overhaul of your daily schedule. Your diet should be something you can SMOOTHLY transition into.

  • Know how you are going to create your meals re a guesstimate of the amount of calories per meal and composition of the meal - for example, your POST-TRAINING meal is the most IMPORTANT meal of the day and therefore should be your LARGEST, macronutrients not as important as long as you are getting in adequate protein and replenishing your energy stores.

  • Determine what foods you are going to eat. If you are allergic or sensitive to any given food, then you are going to eliminate or minimize it in your diet. Anything that you love, you will eat more of - depending on what it is, everything in MODERATION. You might have a food list you can refer to of foods that you can use in specific meals (if you set up sample meal ideas) or substitute for others (if you do not like eating the same thing day in and out), etc.

  • Give yourself a day where you are not held to any sort of "structure" re eating - this is especially important if your goal is fat loss, simply because too many people view a diet as a "diet" (even if they should NOT), and it gives some mental relief knowing that they CAN "have their cake and eat it too" whilst making POSITIVE progress.

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